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Shiloh and I at TCC _ready

Sweet Kiddo for Whom I Work


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and sometimes that curve ball is a blessing.

WHAT Happened???

Three years ago my 17 month old granddaughter came to live with me following my daughter, her mom’s, untimely death.

The baby was not sitting up by herself, seemed to ‘zone out’, was certainly not crawling or walking, and had only sounds that equated Momma and Dadda. She could not finger feed herself and was in constant movement, wiggliest little bundle of baby I have ever known. Within two days of mom’s death I had engaged the ‘early intervention’ folks following the recommendation of the pediatric developmental physician that my daughter and I had met with earlier in the week. We were dealing with global delays. Eventually, her nuerologist told me she had significant microcephaly. And how that presented for her as she continued to grow is that she has a significant proprioceptive dysfunction condition (why she was in a constant state of movement and would always be pushing you away) that made her become a little girl covered from head to toe in bruises.

Needless to say, it was a time of great learning while balancing the emotions of my daughter’s loss. But we do what is right and the baby needed a secure environment in which she could learn and hopefully thrive.


At the time of my daughter’s death I was running a health and safety training and consultation business. I had worked 7 years for a pollution control agency, 10 years with OSHA, and 7 years with a legacy airline managing occupational safety and health. My business was to support businesses by creating programs, performing inspections, and identifying risks for accidents and injuries in their work environments. I am quite comfortable with the regulatory world. I had a few clients that were keeping me comfortably busy. But with three children to care for, the baby, and her older sister and brother, and valid concerns for their safety … my business dried up and died. My focus since then has been their welfare!

HOW Did My Kiddo Do

This beautiful little bundle started with in-home physical therapy. It was like she was the Energizer Bunny x10, so much movement. For months we worked to encourage her to crawl, but once she was able to sit up all she wanted to do was bottom scoot. And scoot she did. With lots of support from the physical therapist she started to walk at 28 months, 11 months after engaging therapy. Speech therapy and then occupational therapy followed. Learn, oh yes quite a learning curve became a part of our busy lives especially because it is apparent she has a sensory processing disorder (SPD). It has been a continual learning curve since then…


Now? Well, now we are preparing for kindergarten. YIPES! My learning curve has started to include advocating for what she is going to really need to ensure as smooth a sail as possible in her personal world. And I am finding that there are going to be times I will need to powerfully advocate in her behalf. Of course, I am comfortable in a regulatory setting and knowing the laws will be critical to effectively advocate. This will be a journey and thankfully there is a lot of information to help.

Identifying what may be needed and what the law requires and what our rights are has been a learning curve that I hope to make easier for others. Determining what services, supports, and resources will be helpful (like books, equipment, toys and games) can be a time consuming search. Hopefully my learning curve will shorten yours!

And that is WHY this site exists!

Join me as we work hard to ensure what our very special children need.

• They need to be safe.
• They need to be fully realized as the precious human beings they are.
• They need passionate, educated, and courageous advocates who will ensure their future is the best it can be!



Please drop me a line in the comments section below or email me:  linda@specialneedsadvocatepower.com

I’m looking forward to supporting you in your journey.


December 27, 2014

As a Post Script to what I have been doing with Special Needs Advocate Power, I’d like to briefly share with you how I was able to start this blog.  I knew that I wanted to be home for my daughter AND her older sister and brother.  I was 58 when my the first of my five passed away and having the responsibility for a family again, well I just couldn’t see me working a full-time job and caring well for their mental and emotional well-being, let alone caring well for mine.

I was looking online for stay-at-home jobs when I came across a website as a referral.  I started to feel that something wasn’t right so I Googled it and came up with allot of information that confirmed my gut.  I was being scammed and it didn’t feel good when my budget was so hard to manage and prevent it from getting turned inside out.  While doing that digging around in the internet I came across a website that introduced me to an online educational opportunity, an education in creating a viable online business based in affiliate marketing.  I did not know anything at all about that subject, but I was intrigued.

Everything I read about this company convinced me I should give them a try.  I couldn’t loose with a ‘Free Trial’.  Well, this website is the product of my investment in the education I am receiving at Wealthy Affiliate University.  I have so much more to learn!  In time I will learn how to not only benefit my granddaughter and I, but others too, because we all need information when it comes to accessing resources, developing and maintaining a strong family, and when making our well-thought out purchases.

If you’d like to explore what I am talking about, use this link  http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=b6bdcbe1.   Visit their website, you may be intrigued and go to check them out.  I have been SO very happy with the lessons they provide and the community that functions from the philosophy of “pay it forward”.   It really is remarkable.  In time as I learn to fill the needs of my audience, I will also be caring for my family’s needs because I’m going to find great companies to recommend who have affiliate programs from which we will benefit.  You can too!

21 Responses to “About Us

  • Wonderful the way you made the best of everything. Here’s to the success of your noble venture!

    • admin

      Yes making the best of everything is the only way we can take each day on and do the best we can with each day, leaving behind what did not work well in the past and striving each day for something that will honor and respect the little one’s we love. I really feel that anything is possible as long as we keep our own attitude and perspective up. “Attitude Determines Our Altitude”.

      I appreciate your feedback! Blessings to you and your family.

  • Hi Linda… Wow the trials you have been thru lady, I truly admire your spirit and positive attitude. I pray that God will bless you, with your cause for those special needs children and their families. Not just in the USA, but Worldwide. I’ll help support your mission, in whatever way I can. I’m here for you. (-: Jon

    • admin

      Hello Jon,

      Thank you very much for visiting my site and reading a bit about me here on this page. I am blessed to have been able to adopt the youngest of my three grandchildren and with her the blessings have been to better understand the ‘needs’ of special needs children and adults. It is a mind-boggling how much should be done and isn’t and often times can and is being done, its a crazy mix.

      Having a resource to get through the maze of what is possible and should be accomplished for one’s special needs person is part of why I created my site. I really appreciate that this ‘mission’ has somehow been conveyed in what I have shared and posted so far.

      So, thanks much for caring enough to share with others and to be a support!!!


  • May the peace on earth find your journey and guide you through the hard times and give you the strength to carry the light needed to accomplish your task in life. Helping others is a great release and outlet one might say a meditation to calm the waves that tray to smother us. My spirit travels with you on your quest. Thank you for being all you can be. May that hole in your heart be filled with joy. This I am sorry to say is necessary for your well being. With true intentions of knowing what is lost is always with you. Jeff Burch

  • Hi Linda,

    Wow! What a story!

    This is something I will share with 2 other families I am close to as they have special needs children in their lives.

    all the best as you continue to care for your own little Kiddo and as you work on developing this site,

    • admin

      Hello Derrall! And thank you for sending my site along to your friends. I hope they will find something of value and that it will help them on their journey to care for their precious ones. Many therapists in this field use that term “kiddo”. I rather like it and like that you chose to use in here too. Many smiles send your way now.


  • Hello everyone, My name is Dana and my beloved mother is the one who created this site. I am so very proud of her! She is a strong capable woman who always works hard to improve the lives of those she loves. Our family went through a great tragedy losing my beloved sister and I miss her everyday. She was my best friend. Through this heartache my mother has made the best of it and is raising not just little Shiloh but my sister’s two other children as well. I am so proud of her being such a good mother and making it possible for my neices and nephew to stay together. Thank you all for supporting them on their quest as a family. I can attest to the fact that a special needs child ‘needs’ so much extra attention and I think it’s lovely to see all the added support this blog has brought into their world. Amazing! Best regards to you all on your journey through life! Keep up the good work. Our little ones are so worth it!

    • admin

      How precious of you to take the time to chime in on my site, daughter. It is am amazing journey having Shiloh in our lives and we are blessed to have one another; I learn from her every day, even as I did when being a new mom oh so many years ago with you and your sister, then your three brothers. Now we are four and life keeps us on our toes.

      Thank you for your most kind words.


  • It is so good to read your story. I believe we all have trials, and they draw us closer to God and our family, and to the things in life that are truly important. This little one is a gift from God,so are her sibs. Children are some of my favorite people. They see the world in such an amazing way. Being with them keeps me young and makes you old all at the same time! Have a great day!

    • admin

      Hello Enid,

      So kind of you to drop a word of encouragement! I agree with you. Whatever little ones you have in your life they are blessed to have one who is so in tune with them, loving and cherishing them.

      Hope to see you here again as your time and circumstances permit.


  • Wow, Linda, you are simply inspiring! Talk about strength through adversity!
    Loved reading your story and learning more about you.
    This website is a great resource and I wish you all the best with it.

    • admin

      Thank you very much Claire. We just do what we need to sometimes…and I am so happy to be here for my precious little girl. Best thing I’ve learned over the years is to just take one day at a time, because each is sufficient for its own badness.

      I appreciate you dropping in.


  • G’day Linda, firstly i love your site the information here open’s your eye’s. There are many good people like you how give unconditionally for the good of humanity. If there is anyway i can help’ i would love to, the children are our future and to see a smile on there faces is the best feeling ever. You inspire me to help the world thank you for being beautiful.
    warmest regards

    • admin

      Hello Nelio,

      This is so good of you to drop in and see what I have been doing. I am grateful to receive your feedback. It helps me to know whether I am accomplishing my goal, that of reaching out and offering information that can be supportive to families raising special needs children. I so agree with you that seeing the smile on a child’s face is the best feeling ever, nothing compares. I find that the more I write and research the more there is to contribute in this subject.

      Your kind words and support is most appreciated. Maybe you will one day run into someone who can use something I have written and share this with them, then we both can touch one more life and hopefully make a difference.


  • Hello, Linda! Your story touched me to tears. You are doing a wonderful job for family and for many other people reading your blog. My son has a PDD-NOS and with him not simply. I and will keep your site under attention. Thank you very much for your articles. God bless you!

    • admin

      Hello Olga! I am always humbled when other parents who are juggling their children’s needs find that I have offered something of value to them. Having a son PDD-NOS can be difficult. He is blessed to have you in his life and devoted to helping him grow and become all that he is capable of becoming. If I can help in any way …along the way. Please be sure to holler, comment, send an email, what ever might serve your needs.

      Kindly yours, Linda

  • Hi Linda! I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. Your granddaugher has a very special grandmother. You are such a gift for her and it looks like she is a gift for you as well. How is she liking school this year so far? Is she used to the idea that she is supposed to do this year after year? Hopefully she will find some great friends in her new journey.
    Best wishes,
    ~ Melinda

    • Linda

      Hello Melinda!

      Your words are most kind and thoughtful. And you are right, she is most certainly a gift. I am grateful things worked out the way they did and I was able to adopt her.

      First grade for her is a challenge. School is hard for my little one so she is already resisting going. Even though she has been in school since she was 3 years old, as special needs kids benefit from being in preschool early, (its called “early intervention”) she gradually accomplishes her skills. It takes repetition ad nauseum. I am thankful for the services I have in place, her therapists and an IEP at school, that sort of thing. We have a behaviorist who is helping her with the social interactions at school It is a journey, you are so correct, and in time we will get there and I pray with great friends along the way. Best wishes back at you, Melinda. Thanks for dropping by.



  • Hi Linda, tears welled up in my eyes when reading your story. What a brave, strong, beautiful woman you take on the responsibility of caring for your daughters 3 children while grieving her death. Wow. And to create what you have created here to give your youngest granddaughter the best possible start in life… so special. Truly amazing. You have a heart of Pure Gold. I honour you.

    • Linda

      Hello Lauren!

      How kind of you to leave such a tender message for me. It does make a difference to know that others are touched by my story. I want my experience to be one that will in time reach out and help others, however that may happen.

      My precious little girl has made such progress since I first started taking care of her. I miss my daughter every day and try so hard to honor her by taking the best care of her children as I am able to muster. Sometimes I feel like it’s not enough but there are only so many hours in a day and in the end they must make their own life choices. And some of the influences of their youth before they came to me drives what and how they make choices, this I am beginning to understand. It’s life and as long as we are doing the best we can, then that is all that can be expected.

      Thank you very much for your tender and thoughtful comment! I am grateful you found us and have taken time to leave a comment.


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