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Should I vaccinate my child?

Should I Vaccinate My Child – Or NOT?

It is the “or NOT” that creates the burning in our mind as there continues to be such controversy regarding this choice, this very important choice involving our children’s health. I have been fervently researching this subject, sometimes with a vengeance following the serious reaction my daughter had to a battery of vaccinations.  Then, because […]

Why is carbon monoxide dangerous

Why IS Carbon Monoxide Dangerous? Fact is, in a house fire it’s BIG trouble.

When you find the answers to why is carbon monoxide dangerous you will have a solid foundation for understanding this air contaminant and be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from carbon monoxide (CO) exposures.  It’s really not something to treat lightly because the higher the level of CO in the air the […]

A day in the life of a mom

A Day in the Life of a Mom

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a day in the life of a mom can stretch into a week, a month and then it all catches up with you.  Well, I am not just a mom, but a grandmom, too.  So of course, life and what life sometimes throws in my path can be […]

Dangerous Hydrogen Cyanide

Dangerous Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) A Serious Smoke Contaminant

Dangerous hydrogen cyanide is generated while materials burn in a fire.  Fires do happen, at home, at school, at work and are also happening in our forests and these have become an ever greater issue as drought conditions and heat waves envelope communities.   So, why make a big deal about this in our blog? […]

How To Protect Your Lungs

How to Protect Your Lungs In An Emergency

One of the most important things you will do in an emergency is to know how to protect your lungs!  Let’s examine the facts!  If the lungs are exposed to contaminants in the air, and you are breathing in those contaminants this is dangerous and potentially fatal.  Also, heat from a fire will sear your […]

Special Needs Blogs – Our Families in 2015 and Beyond

When I first embarked on the creation of this website, one of many ‘special needs’ blogs, my intention then was to provide a way to support families.  I was in a huge learning curve with my granddaughter and her needs, all undiagnosed when I first started caring for her after her mother died.  And because […]

Smoke Escape Masks – REVIEW your best option, the “Xcaper” Smoke Mask

You and your special needs child and household should NOT be without the means to protect yourself in a fire emergency with smoke escape masks for each family member.  I feel very strongly about this because your lungs are at risk in any emergency that has contaminated the air.  A kitchen fire can rapidly get […]

Expressive vs. Receptive Language

Expressive vs. Receptive Language – The Difference Matters!

When your ‘special person’ struggles with communication your understanding of expressive vs. receptive language means you gain traction on how to help them.  For sure the difference matters and here’s why!  Socially and academically their lives are going to be a struggle and we both know that’s just not acceptable. I had to consider this: […]

Autism and Sesame Street

Autism and Sesame Street – Autistic Julia is the kid to meet!

When an international organization like Sesame Street takes up the baton of a need and starts running with it, then you know that Autism and Sesame Street is going to be a very good contribution with a good result.  Reducing the stigma around being autistic, that is a win-win!  Change is needed and change can happen […]

What IS In Bread....and Beer?

What IS In Bread? Much is good but some isn’t…Think Food Additives!

Bread…it is called the ‘staff of life’ but if you haven’t heard this yet, to discover what is in bread is going to really frustrate you.  I mean after all, shouldn’t the bread we eat be free of components that harm health?  Well, in these countries, Canada, the European Union, United Kingdom, and Brazil you […]

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