Autism and Sesame Street – Autistic Julia is the kid to meet!

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When an international organization like Sesame Street takes up the baton of a need and starts running with it, then you know that Autism and Sesame Street is going to be a very good contribution with a good result.  Reducing the stigma around being autistic, that is a win-win!  Change is needed and change can happen when, and where, there is understanding.  So many folks do not realize how hard it is for an autistic child to manage in their everyday world.  From the clothes and socks and shoes they wear that feel scratchy, the noise that is overwhelming, the expectations of cooperating when they feel out of control and not able to focus, to the frustration of now being able to communicate, all of this makes for a day in the life of an autistic child that often is just plain hard.

Now a new muppet character, Julia, is going to begin to take down the barriers to understanding autism.  So far we haven’t been introduced to her as a live character on Sesame Street.  She only exists as a digital character in songs and in a storybook.  But apparently those who are introducing this new Sesame Street character to us do clearly understand autism and the inherent challenges autistic children face.   The good news is, according to Dr. Jeanette Betancourt who is the Senior Vice-President of U.S. Social Impact at Sesame Workshop they are just waiting for feedback from the autism community before the producers will introduce this new character on the TV show.

There has already been good feedback going out regarding the digital book.  Have you seen it?  It does a good job of showing how just a few simple adjustments in how we listen to or interact with an autistic child will smooth over their reticence to socially join in.  The story line is that Julia is a long time friend of Elmo and thenAbby comes to play.  But Abby doesn’t understand Julia so sometimes Elmo has to explain why she covers her ears in the store or looks down and doesn’t answer when she is asked a question.  The digital book is titled We’re Amazing 123.  (  If you have an autistic child, or maybe a sibling whose brother or sister is autistic, you will see what this story will powerfully accomplish for kids.

Here are some of the things I really appreciate about the Sesame Street Workshop outreach efforts

Daily Routine Cards

I’m gonna’ guess that one of the things that presents a daily challenge for you and your kiddos is brushing teeth, right?  Well, Sesame Street has created a tool to support your efforts.  The Daily Routine Cards are a practical solution that many families use and  here they are just ready to chose and download.  Now how cool is that!

Autism and Sesame Street

Daily Routines Can Often be Challenging. This is so nice of the folks at Sesame Street to help with what could be a dialy struggle.

Family Friends

Who wouldn’t like encouragement as a caretaker, or promoting more understanding of an autistic child and how to include them, or what to say to the parent of an autistic child. ( These are powerful tools to help families who have children are neuro-developing within expected norms and for the child whose brain wiring is just different.  This is good stuff!

Autism and Sesame Street



Take a look at what this tab of info includes besides the capture of the video.  Aren’t these family resources are wonderful!?!






Really this video, while a little over 4 minutes is wonderful and ever so encouraging.


Now another very cool feature of this wonderful new addition to the Sesame Street community and Workshop is …


Autism and Sesame Street

Screen Capture from Sesame Street. We ALL are different and have different ways. What a great way to help other family members!


the focus on siblings.  How siblings can be a good help, how each child is amazing in their own ways and how the child who developed normally needs to be supported in just being a child, too. It’s good information and several choices for learning and supporting the family are included in this resource. I think it is certainly worth our time to check it out, especially if you have little ones who are not autistic. (

Go Now…Check Out the Sesame Street Site

Aautism and Sesame Street

This initiative is AMAZING!!!

I expect you will find something, maybe allot of things that will encourage and support you.  Whether you are parenting autistic children, you have a family member who is autistic, or you know someone who is autistic there are many useful features in what they have rolled out.

The theme is:  “See Amazing In Every Child.” (

I love this AND I believe you are going to, too!  “-)

So what do you think?  Have they done a good job?  

Are the videos hitting home, like the one that interviews the father who is such a great support to his family?

Did you find this review of the Autism and Sesame Street initiative helpful?  Contact Me Here if you have questions or leave a comment below.

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