Empowered to Advocate – Your Loved One and You Deserve It.

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Does your head ever feel like you’re swimming when you are standing on solid ground? It can be so overwhelming when confronted with a special needs diagnosis like “sensory processing disorder”, “central auditory processing disorder”, “autism”, “asperger’s syndrome”, “ADHD” “oppositional deviance disorder”, oh my goodness!  And what if you are seeing things that just aren’t right and you don’t have a diagnosis yet?  It can feel like an emotional roller coaster.

serious girl Everyone is going to have their own story and specific needs. What can I offer that could support you and really help?

If you have found me then you are looking for personal power and strength, not just to do what is necessary for the special needs person in your life, but what will empower that very special human being to become all they are capable of becoming.  I hope you will find what you need here.

  • Perhaps the list of acronyms and definitions will build your confidence because you will start to learn the language of the special needs world. Knowing what IDEA and FAPE and least restrictive mean will help in the education arena.
  • Maybe you will find a resource review of a toy or book helpful and minimize the time you have to look for something you need or would like to have.
  • Maybe gaining an understanding of the laws that protect you and your child’s rights will strike a cord and lessen the overwhelming feeling of disappointment, maybe even fear, that something will be missed and the looser will end up being your loved one. Obviously, not an acceptable outcome.
  • Perhaps you will find safety information that will reduce your worries for their personal welfare.
  • Maybe you will find my less technical explanations of conditions and challenges will help to make terms like sensory processing disorder more understandable


Much like a compass will give us the correct heading when in the wilderness, I hope some of this information will help clear the way in your quest to do what’s right and that you will feel stronger and have more confidence for the job you are doing.

compassWhat I want for both of us is that we step into one more day where we breathe and smile and rejoice even when things haven’t been working well. That will be so because we will have learned something or accomplished something really good, no matter how small, for our special needs person.

I know you care deeply about your loved one. You wouldn’t be looking for information on the internet if you didn’t care. It can be a time-consuming exercise to filter through the pages and pages of internet information. I certainly don’t know it all, but I continue to learn so there’s no need for us all to have the same learning curve. Don’t feel like the rug has been pulled from under you? That’s where I hope I can help.



Take a look at my story and that of my granddaughter on the About Me page. It explains a bit more about my precious and precocious granddaughter and what brought us here.

WELCOME! I look forward to seeing you come back now and again. If there is something you need let me know, it could be I am evaluating it or writing about it and just haven’t posted the information yet. And if you have any questions or comments please feel free to respond in the comments section below or email linda@specialneedsadvocatepower.com

I hope this has been helpful.

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