Family Strength and Support

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So very much consumes our time as life exudes the ups and downs in a normal day.    Here you will find recommendations and items that I am hopeful will smooth the way for you at a level of interface that is comfortable and encouraging.

As blogs and resources are developed here you will be able to find

  • Time management
  • How to deal with stress and its negative affects
  • Community outreach resources
  • Taking care of oneself…why critically important
  • Maintaining joy in the midst of struggle and sorrow

4 Responses to “Family Strength and Support

  • A very well structured site that i was keen on reading as my sister works with special need kids. I found your site to be well written, easy to digest and informative. Good luck with it.

    • Linda

      Hey Simon.

      Thanks for dropping in. Always good to hear that what I’ve written is coming across well and hearing it is easy to digest is good to hear. I’m trying to reach out to a diverse group and write so that everyone can get something of value. THANK YOU ever so much for leaving this encouraging comment.


  • I work with special needs students at a high school and I love your website! It’s so true how important it is for parents to take care of themselves so that they can help their children more. They need lots of attention and parents can’t let themselves get worn out, but instead find joy and peace through all of their hard work. 🙂


    • Linda

      Hello, Benjamin. I am very grateful when others drop into my site and find the time to leave a comment. Your experience with special needs students is so valuable and I am convinced that your insight regarding parents is something that a parent can benefit from. I know from experience that caring for my precious and precocious little one presents with a host of challenges and it can be draining. It’s wonderful how you have highlighted finding peace and joy through a parent’s hard work. Well spoken!

      Thanks again for sharing your observation and experience with us.


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