Laughter Benefits Your Health – NO Kidding!

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When a child laughs it lightens our heart!

Of all the things that can make a difference in any of life’s stressful situations, and especially when raising special needs children. it is to know that laughter benefits your health.  You ever get your funny bone tickled?  Go on a giggle fest?  Laugh and not be able to stop laughing?  I saw this totally funny video on Facebook and when I need a good laugh, I go back to it.  If you have not seen these news and weather anchors yet there is enough to get you laughing too.  Watch it and then let’s look at what laughter does that is so good for you!

Goodness gracious, I still laugh my head off every single time I see this.

What do you find makes a difference when things aren’t going well, when you feel under the weather, or are being maxed out? What I am learning is to find the humor in things and situations.  And I have to honestly say, I have never been very witty and humor doesn’t come easy for me.  But I love a good laugh as I expect you do too!  So, when your stress levels are running high here are a few things that have helped remind me that I could use a good laugh and to ‘lighten up’.

So What DOES Laughter Do

Laughing Is Good For Our Little Ones

Photo by Wolfram Cuppers
See the light in her eyes?

There is a therapeutic affect from laughter that equates having a natural form of medicine.  Isn’t amazing that a good laugh will relax the entire body.  And who would have thought there is evidence that laughing can even reduce allergic reactions to things like dust mites.  Consider this:

  1. One of laughter’s best benefits is that you will feel better overall because it affects your ‘overall sense of well-being’.  No kidding, laugh more and keep down the rise of ugly moods. Your sense of well-being means that you feel more balanced and more in control.  Feel anchored rather than drifting away.  Laugh more.
  2. Want to reduce pain? Laugh more. It releases endorphins which are natural painkillers.
  3. Want to get some easy and free help for the next time you feel a cold coming on.  Get a good laugh going!  Laughing activates the T-cells of your immune system which are jumping into the fray to knock down illness.  So to boost your T-cell count …laugh out loud!
  4. Amazing too, laughing reduces stress hormones which means you are also ramping up your immune system.  Choose to laugh and cut down anxiety and stress that is robbing you of that precious smile you want to have for your family.
  5. And who would have thought that laughing can help tone your abs.  Not that I’m saying you’ll get a six-pack from laughing, but I’m guessing you remember how much your tummy starts to hurt if you are laughing so hard it makes you cry.  Those tummy muscles are expanding and contracting so go put on your favorite comedy and tone up a bit.  Laugh!
  6. Want to reduce your risk of strokes and heart attacks.  Laugh more!  It lowers your blood pressure, that’s why it works.
  7. And talk about getting a good cardio workout, laughter does that too.  Go figure.  It will make that heart of yours work as though you are walking at a moderate pace so of course the heart is pumping more blood…when you walk AND when you have a good laugh.

Best of all, laughing more and more often has the best end result of all, more joy comes into your life.  And we could all use more happy feelings and have access to more joy!  

So as the saying goes, Live-Love-Laugh, it will make a difference.

Curious About the Science Behind Your Laughing?

And if you are wondering, as I often do, what is behind a good laugh, well here is a science-minded teacher to fill in the blanks for you.  One thing he brings out is that not all laughter is good.  There are actually health conditions that present with uncontrollable laughing or laughing without reason.  This isn’t too long a video and I think it’s entertaining.

Now think of this!  Bringing more laughter into your lives will do even more than benefit your health.  It will also:

Laughing with friends and family....that's the best.

Belly laughs…now that’s a good time!

  • strengthen your relationships
  • reduce the emotionally charged conflicts that happen in a busy family
  • build on feelings of affection for one another
  • result in more camaraderie

Yes indeed, laughter can and will enhance your life and that of your loved ones!

Laughter Benefits Your Health

Photo by Robert S. Donovan
When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?



What will you do now that you know that laughter benefits your health?  How will you add more laughter into your every day?

How about it, LET’S LAUGH OFTEN!

Please share your story with us about how laughter has made a difference in your life and in the life of your loved ones.  We can all benefit and who knows, maybe you will bring a smile into someone’s life….or a good belly laugh. 

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