I'm Glad You Have Found "Special Needs Advocate Power'' ... I sincerely hope you will find something here that will help you in your journey to care for your 'special' person ... Whether the challenge is Asperger's syndrome, Autism, a Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or other Learning Disabilities, being able to advocate is going to introduce more balance and peace into your life.

Our Intent Is To Make Things Easier For You and On You Too!

Disability 'LAW' and Related Issues

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Like a Compass the Laws Will Help Ensure We Are on the Right Course

There are laws that protect you and your child's access to education. The acronym for these laws is IDEA and it means : "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act". 'Special education' and related 'services' and educational 'supports' are critical.  Thankfully, in the United States 'Free and Appropriate Public Education' (FAPE) is required for the disabled. We will look at aspects of how to integrate these requirements with you and your child's needs so they will become all they are capable of  and be fully realized in the world in which they will have to function.

Knowledge Really IS Powerful


We will see further with the insight gleaned from accurate knowledge.

  When a child's brain is still developing in the early days, months, and years of life, engaging 'Early Intervention' services will make a big difference.   The brain is laying down new 'neural pathways' and the very act of learning and doing facilitates growth in the brain.   So, we need to be able to identify we have a problem and then integrate 'early intervention' so we can better manage the disability and minimize its impact on our child's life and on ours. Of course, we want to have a solid foundation so we can "do what's right" to ensure our loved one can successfully navigate through their world.   I will work here to link your world with the worlds of education and early intervention services in your community.

Establishing a Diagnosis Gives Direction


The Path Through a Diagnosis Will Clarify What You Need to Do

Until you have a handle on what is 'going on' with your child or teenager it can feel like being lost on a hike through the wilderness. You know something isn't right, maybe you've been told, "don't worry he'll grow out of it", but your gut tells you something more than being a "late bloomer" is confronting you. There are specialties beyond your family pediatrician like the 'Developmental Pediatric Physician' who are going to make a big difference in how things turn out.  Understanding these professional resources AND having the ability to assess their skill set may impact the outcome.

Resources that Make a Difference


Looking for Resources Won't Be Like
Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

There are a lot of creative, ingenious ideas that promote change, strengthening, mental and emotional growth for everyone who faces a challenge because of a disability.  When it comes to finding books, equipment, toys, games, and behavioral tools there is an ocean of items that can be used to support us.  In my blogs I will review these items and organizations; skimming through and recommending things that could be helpful.