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Resources should be something you can easily get your hands on when caring for how your child is learning and interacting with their world.

The intention of this page and related resource blogs will be to give you feedback as you decide what you can and should have for them.
This may include the following:
• Access equipment
• Books
• Physical therapy equipment
• Strengthening equipment
• Toys & Games
• Behavorial coaching and guidance tools

Additionally, I will also review and make recommendations about services that may be available. Some of these will likely include legal and advocacy organizations.

2 Responses to “Resources & Reviews

  • A superb article that need to be shouted from the roof- tops that Autistic Children have a right to enjoy life as any other child

    • Linda

      Hi, Richard. Just checking, you have referenced an article in your comment, but there are no articles on this page. Several are listed in my library and I expect my posts could be considered articles. Just wanted to acknowledge your comment appropriatelly!

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