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There are so many books, articles, videos, and support services that you can tap into that will help you grow your understanding of your little one’s challenges and those things that will help you maintain your balance, maybe your sanity some days, because you knew about the respite services in your community.  There are some excellent books that I want to refer you to and some video links that I’d like you to know about that give us a better handle on what’s happening with our child and whether they have an accurate diagnosis one that is serving their needs so they are moving ahead with their skills.

An Example of What I Mean

Let me offer this experience a few families have had in relation to the diagnosis their child received for either autism or ADD/ADHD.  They just felt that things weren’t improving, that their child was stuck and that they were lost in a repetitive cycle of the same conduct and what felt like one sad event, even failure, after another.   They found a physician using  a resource that facilitated examination of the brain waves to establish a diagnosis, not just a behavioral analysis as is still commonly done today.  This groundbreaking brain technology originated at Harvard Medical School Children’s Hospital Boston and through Dr. Frank Duffy, M.D.  and is available at a few medical centers but, as yet, is not widely used.

Important BRAIN Technology

What was discovered was that these children were experiencing seizures that mimicked autistic characteristics.  Once they received services and anti-seizure medicine to control and manage the seizures, dramatic improvement was realized.  In one case within 2 months the child’s turnaround presented in his language capabilities.  To go from having two to three words to 300 words … WOW!  how encouraging is that?

So, here is a brief video of a presentation by Aditi Shankardass where she explains this remarkable technology and includes  a bit about this child’s story.   Apparently, accurately mapping the brain is enabling more accurate diagnosis that will create change for the better for many children.  As Ms. Shankardass states here in her presentation, establishing a diagnosis early enough can give the brain time to recover when using this “pioneering diagnostic approach.”



The above video is the type of information you will find in our Library.   And as we continue our research and posting, we will also be including information about where you may find resources like the clinics that provide this type of amazing brain technology.

So…come here as often as you are able.  This will be a vibrant part of what we create here at Special Needs Advocate Power.   I really want you to access the information you may need for doing the job you are doing.    Our Library will include the following and continue to grow over time:

  • videos and/or tutorials
  • books
  • articles

Please see the Resources page for information on the toys, games, organizations and so much more, needless to say this will always be a work under progress and in time there will be additions to the drop down menu with these subjects.

As you review what we have provided please feel free to comment here or to email me (  with your questions.  I will address these with your special issues and concerns in mind.

One Response to “Library

  • Linda,
    This video is amazing and I wouldn’t have listened to it unless it auto-started. Thank you. My 6 year old’s Pediatric Development doctor sent us to the hospital last week to have a brain scan. He said he suspected that Cameron was having seizures. I was confused because Cameron was completely aware of his actions during his “episodes”. Come to find out, his brain was experiencing mini seizures while he was going on with his day.

    This is just one reason why I try to stress to parents that you have to use selective discipline with these kids cause it may not be entirely their fault. Breaks my heart to see a child get punished for something they can’t control. The parents should be punished for not knowing exactly what is going on with their child!

    Thanks so much for helping parents to find resources they need to be an effective mom or dad. You are doing an incredible job and I love your site!

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