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Here are a few of the items that may be on another page or post.   Some new items too.

This page is going to include many items you will likely find interesting and/or educational.   A couple of these items may be rather long like the presentation by Dr. Temple Grandin to an audience at the U C Davis Mind Institute or that of Dr. Russell Barkley.  When you can make time to watch you will learn a lot from these longer clips that I am including…I know I have.

Dr. Nancy O’Hara “Autism & ADHD – Healing From the Inside Out”  (entered February 17, 2016)
If you are raising a child who is going through life with a handful of diagnosis, as I am, you are always looking for ways to improve their abilities and their life.  I have found that a fundamental way to support my loved one is through what she eats and drinks.  And you know, if you have read my posts about macro and micro nutrients, that food and how our body may be processing food is truly the foundation for good health.  When it comes to symptoms what Dr. O’Hara speaks about in this presentation is going to be very familiar to you.  The point she makes and the stories she shares of children who are seeing dramatic improvements and continue to improve is compelling.  I hope you will take the time to watch this YouTube of a presentation she gave to a MINDD conference in Australia.


Dr. Aditi Shankardass on emerging brain science and its contribution to assessing conditions.  Length 7 minutes 18 seconds.


Dr. Temple Grandin  When you have time you will likely appreciate her presentation.  It is candid and compassionate.  I found it not just educational but truly full of insights into the world of those whose lives are affected by the brain disorder of autism.  Length 1 hour 20 minutes


Dr. Russell Barkley and ‘executive function’ in the human brain.  I want to create a post about ‘executive function’ but for now, this gives a good overview of what it is.  Length 3 minutes 10 seconds



The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University ( has a growing body of research and evidence that brains are affected by numerous things, from toxic chemical exposures, toxic stress, abandonment, and what they have called the ‘serve and receive’ of early childhood development of the brain’s architecture.  In the following videos you will see wonderfully created visuals that illustrate two subject areas regarding the fascinating study of how the brain functions and is affected by the environments of an infant and developing child.


The first addresses the subject of Executive Function which they illustrate by using the analogy of an air traffic control system in the Brain.

Video Length:  5:36


The subject of this second video by The Center On Developing Child at Harvard University addresses critical early brain development which they call “brain architecture”.   Please note this is a collection of three relatively short, lively videos that will improve our understanding of how the brain functions and is affected by a child’s early environment.    They run concurrently.

Video Lengths:  #1  (1:58) :  #2  (1:43):   #3 (1:53)


Gerald Pollack, Ph.D., University of Washington (UW)

Water safety and water quality is a significant concern in today’s world as we have already addressed in one of our posts.   Now, a new science is emerging that helps us better understand water and phenomena that have as yet been understood, like why does a cloud accumulate water molecules from moisture evaporation that turns into a cloud.

The following You Tube or Vimeo videos are of Gerald Pollack presentations where he is explaining this new understanding about water that has been discovered and confirmed in his laboratory at UW.  Given you have a bit of the investigator in you and a bit of the scientist too, you are going to find these videos interesting and enlightening.


The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU

If you have looked at any of these I expect you could feel a mixture of emotions.  In time, as you build your knowledge base, this won’t feel overwhelming but you will feel empowered.  After all that is what we are wanting to create for ourselves.

Let me know what you think about the links I have provided.   Comment below or send me an email (

Drop Us a Comment! Or Share Your Story. We Will All Benefit From Your Generosity.

Drop Us a Comment! Or Share Your Story. We Will All Benefit From Your Generosity.


I hope there has been something here that you have found enlightening.

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