Serious Flu Shot Side Effects. Should you be concerned for your special needs children?

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When you do the research you will discover as I have that there are serious flu shot side effects.  And maybe even more significant the flu shot does not have a good record of preventing the flu, unlike what the mainstream medical community is telling us.  This is why I write this blog.  To share my research with you and to support you as you make critical decisions affecting you and your child’s health.

Science and our health

Science and our health


  • Are there side effects of the flu vaccination that you should be concerned about?
  • What flu vaccine facts will you rely on?

These are VERY important questions we each need to ask and to which we need to get the answers.  We really need to know: Are there flu vaccine risks?  Do the flu shots even work?


The unequivocal answer is YES!  Yes, there are risks and YES there are some serious side effects.  

And NO, the scientific evidence does not demonstrate these shots are effective.

The fact is that people and children still get the flu even though they have been vaccinated.  This is because its a bit of a guessing game determining what virus or viruses will be covered by the vaccine.  The viruses change and there are many.  Its just not possible to have a vaccination that will cover them all.

The other important fact is serious side effects of the influenza vaccine have caused the initiation of the Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a severe neurological condition that can even compromise breathing) and febrile convulsions (high fever induced violent involuntary contraction of muscles), severe respiratory distress such that intubation (respiratory support with a mechanical breather) has been required.  Now, it is true that this is in a very small minority who have these complications from the vaccine, but I do not ever want for my daughter to be that small percentage that has a negative outcome.

First and foremost I want you to know that gathering this information has been a sobering task.  Your children’s welfare is far too important!  And I know you are striving every day to do the very best you can for your loved one. So, please, invest some time to look carefully at this and ponder your own decision.

A Parent Like You

I am a parent like you trying to make sense of the available information.  I don’t just read info from the Mayo Clinic, the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization.  I study other news sources and professionals, and I include the information from investigative journalists.  What you will discover may alarm you when you follow this method in gathering information.

I am recommending you read and understand all aspects of your decision to give a flu vaccine to your children.  In time, I am going to address the bigger picture of vaccinations that are generally recommended for children from birth on up, but today’s subject is the flu shot.  The entire childhood vaccination story is highly controversial and will be the subject of another blog post.

CDC Promotes Vaccinations

CDC of course Promotes Vaccinations as do Most All Public Health Organizations Worldwide

Look I wouldn’t be doing this digging if I hadn’t run across a few physicians who do not recommend the flu vaccination, like Dr. David Brownstein M.D., Dr. Mark Hyman M.D., and Dr. Stephen Blaylock M.D. (a neurosurgeon).  Vaccinating special needs kids is highly recommended by many.  However, you are going to see in this Vimeo video what another physician, Dr. Tenpenny, reveals regarding vaccinating special needs kids.

You really should watch this. It gave me pause and drove me to investigate further.
This doctor speaks out against mandatory vaccinations involving special needs kids.

Dr. Tenpenny interview


An Independent Study

The Cochrane Collaboration is an independent group of scientists who thankfully are not connected to any industry or government agency like the CDC.  Independent means the analysis you are going to receive will not be skewed by expectations of an industry, an association of physicians, or an agency’s political agenda.  I did some reading in the Cochrane site and here is a quote from a study they conducted:

“It was surprising to find only one study of inactivated vaccine in children under two years, given current recommendations to vaccinate healthy children from six months of age in the USA, Canada, parts of Europe and Australia.  If immunization in children is to be recommended as a public health policy, large-scale studies assessing important outcomes, and directly comparing vaccine types are urgently required.” (Article title:  Vaccines for Preventing Influenza in Healthy Children, authored by Jefferson, Rivetti, Di Pietrantonj. Demicheli, and Ferroni and was released in August 2012)

I  have to say that this study certainly doesn’t engender confidence in what the agencies are recommending.  What do you think?

Another resource making a case for NO Flu Vaccines.  This doctor, with a 10 year history of working for the NIH, (National Institute of Health) makes very plain the very serious side effect of Guillain-Barre’ syndrome.  


So, then, what ARE the concerns … 

Vaccine components: Cultures are made of things like chicken eggs, soy or bovine (cow) proteins.  Found in influenza and yellow fever vaccines.
Preservatives and Stabilizers: Phenol, Thimerosal, Formaldehyde, MSG and 2 phenoxy ethanol
Adjuvants: Added to the vaccine to assist in developing a better response to the vaccine; aluminum gels or salts.
Antibiotics: CDC states that no vaccines in the US have penicillin

Toxic Exposures?  Are you okay with that?

Look here is a point I found disturbing as I evaluated the components making up the flu vaccine.  There are toxic chemicals in the flu shots.  For instance, there is Formaldehyde used in certain vaccines intended to kill contamination by other bacteria and viruses during production.  Now if that isn’t bad enough the document I studied also said that “most formaldehyde is removed before the vaccine is packaged.”  Really?  “Most” says to me that there could be formaldehyde residue in the related vaccines.  Look, formaldehyde is what is used in embalming procedures and well; even a residue that may not be able to be detected in testing is just not acceptable to me.

Serious Flue Shot Side Effects

Photo by Jacobo Werther An automatic sampler taking up a vial.

What do you think about this?  Are minute amounts, residue, of formaldehyde acceptable?  Are minute amounts of mercury in a vaccine okay?   Lets think aobut that for a moment.  Mercury is a very severe neurological poison that gathers cumulatively in the tissues and organs of the body, so I believe it’s NOT okay in a vaccination in any way shape or form.  Not even if it’s used as a preservative to prevent contamination and harmful bacteria from growing.  It’s mercury and mercury interferes with the brain and nervous system.  If you eat fish you likely already have a background exposure to mercury.  I don’t like the potential of causing a biological overload in my body or that of my children.  If an overload condition is reached there is a cascade of many negative health results beginning with severe allergic reactions.  Hmmmm, I  have to say that’s not worth it to me.

Caution IS Needed When Doing Vaccinations.  WHY?

I have been studying this subject since an immunologist recommended that I give my daughter the pneumococcal 23 vaccine in order to determine if my daughter’s immune system is correctly responding.  Well, I believe my little one has a compromised immune system so it ‘fly’s in the face of reason’ to inject her with something that challenges an already challenged immune system.  There are already so many vaccines the government and therefore also our school system are requiring.  Do you see what I mean here?  It’s scary to think that an already over-taxed immune system would be able to handle without harm an introduction of a pathogen.  I’m just not comfortable with this.

Vaccinations are something that I treat with allot of caution ever since my daughter had a significant allergic reaction to a battery of vaccines I allowed her receive.  She broke out in the WORST hives I have ever seen for almost three weeks.  It was all over her body and not responding to any medication so that they would calm down and heal.  It was awful!  The prescriptions we received from her doctor did not do a thing to help.

Serious flu shot side effects.

Not an ostrick but an emu. Why their oil was so restorative I still don’t know.

A trip to the health food store did!  I discovered emu oil. One evening I applied this natural emu bird’s oil to her body and ta-da, the next morning the redness, swelling, raised bumps and itchiness were all calming down.  Go figure!  It was miraculous to me and very much appreciated as she was so miserable.

The conclusion reached by the Cochrane Collaboration was insightful and worth serious consideration:

“The review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin, but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies. The content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in the light of this finding.”

I don’t know about you, but that pretty much summed it up for me.  Flu shots for my daughter and I, thank you but NO.

What are a Good Mom and Dad Supposed to Do?

Our children’s pediatrician’s office is going to recommend the flu shot.  What will you do?  Here is my recommendation:
Ask them for the drug package insert and the data/information sheet on the vaccine.  The data sheet is different from the “package insert“, the document that is included with all drugs and will contain detailed information on its makeup and the related side effects.   A data or information sheet may not contain the critically important details and even be watered down so as to alleviate your fears.  While the information sheet is helpful because it is written in laymen terms, so not full of medical jargon like the insert, I have to say it can also be misleading because it doesn’t thoroughly give you details.  You may end up not having sufficient information from which to make your important decision.

You can and absolutley should download package inserts for drugs from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  I talk a bit more about drug inserts in my post regarding the disturbing information I uncovered regarding the drug Risperdal, a medicine often prescribed for autistic children.

And please remember that I believe it is VERY important to know if a vaccine is a combination vaccine.  If it is then it will have Thimerosal (mercury) as the preservative.  Remember there is a cumulative tissue burden for mercury in the body.  You have to decide if the risk of adding another small amount of mercury is worth the risk.

Only you as a parent can weigh this risk against the other health challenges your precious little one is facing.

Don’t feel pressured to do the vaccination right then. Go home, do your homework, think about it, talk about it with your significant other and then decide after you have “slept on it.”  If you are having a problem gathering information just Contact Me Here  and I will help you dig up related information to help you make your decision.

Build up your child’s immune system

Here is what you can be doing as this flu season progresses.

  • Make sure you and your children are getting at least ten minutes of direct sunlight every single day.  This is a natural way to boost Vitamin D in our bodies and vitamin D has been found to be deficient in the sick.  Additionally, it has been substantiated to be a critical vitamin in preventing cancer.  Bonus, right?
  • Take a Vitamin D3 supplement especially if you are not getting adequate sunshine.  You could need up to 5000 IUs and the only way to know is to have your D levels checked.  At least start with 2,000 units for an adult and 1000 for a child.
  • Drink LOTs of water.  Be well hydrated.  Being dehydrated predisposes you to illness as the immune system isn’t able to function as well as it should.  No sugary drinks, good clean water and herbal teas are preferred.
  • Up the intake of your greens!  Do whatever it takes to creatively get greens into everyone’s diet.  This is a good foundation for good health.  Strive to get a colorful variety of fresh, organic produce into your meals!red-paper-on-farmers-market


  • Use onions and garlic in your foods.  These, especially garlic, are natural antibiotic and antiviral vegetables.
  • Adequate exercise and sleep are also VERY important!
  • Purchase and have on hand Echinacea and Golden Seal.  Echinacea is an immune system booster and Golden Seal is a natural antibiotic and antiviral herb.  I have over the years consistently found that these herbs work, especially if you take them at the first sign of coming down with something.

The influenza season is upon us.  

And the fact there are serious flu shot side effects begs for a serious decision I feel we all have to make.  Yes, there are hospitalizations of young and the very old who are not doing well when they get the flu.  There are statistics of childhood deaths.  In fact last flu season there were 140 pediatric deaths and on average about 20,000 children under the age of 5 have to be hospitalized during flu seasons.  So yes, this is a serious subject.  Being diligent about keeping them hydrated is not always an easy task when all they want to drink are sweet juices.  And ensuring they are getting enough Vitamin D is also very important.  And if you have read my posts about good clean food  that nourishes everyone’s health and supplies important brain nutrition, well, you know how important that is.

You are doing a great job keeping up with this!  Even still there are serious flu shot side effects and because there are flu vaccine risks I believe it makes sense to get our ducks in a row when deciding should we vaccinate for the flu or not?

Drop Us a Comment! Or Share Your Story. We Will All Benefit From Your Generosity.

Drop Us a Comment! Or Share Your Story. We Will All Benefit From Your Generosity.



Please let me know what you need regarding this subject by Contacting Me Here. Or leave me a comment below.

Do you know someone who has had a bad reaction to their flu vaccine?  Please share what you have learned so we all can benefit.




DISCLAIMER:  Please keep in mind, I am not a doctor and so I am not prescribing anything.  This is information based on my research and has helped me to form my own opinion on this subject.   When doctors that I respect are not in agreement with the medical machine it makes me want to dig for why.  I hope you find this helpful.   By all means, do not consider this information to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified health care provider.

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