Should I Vaccinate My Child – Or NOT?

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Should I vaccinate my child ...or NOT?

THAT is the burning question!  Should I…should I vaccinate my child?

It is the “or NOT” that creates the burning in our mind as there continues to be such controversy regarding this choice, this very important choice involving our children’s health.

I have been fervently researching this subject, sometimes with a vengeance following the serious reaction my daughter had to a battery of vaccinations.  Then, because of her persistent problem with illnesses we were referred to an immunologist.  He recommended that she receive the Pnuemoccal 23 vaccine in order to determine if she was immune compromised.   REALLY?

Okay, let me see if I understand?  Let’s INJECT pnuemonia into her little body to see if her immune system will marshall the correct response with a build up of antibodies against this disease.  I realize this is an over-simplification of vaccination, but I have done this on purpose to make my point.  What point?  That the process did not seem logical to me, especially since I was saying she has a compromised immune system.

Over and Over and Back to Back

I was seeing her get sick over and over, back to back, with whatever was passing around in school.  She struggled to get and stay well. That experience drove me deeper into researching what was going on with her health. Guess what, her story was not unlike many other children and family’s stories that surfaced.  Their statements regarding the children’s conditions following a “battery of vaccinations”, sometimes one shot (which by the way may be a combination of 3 – 5 diseases) started to ‘poke’ (pun intended) at me to keep looking.  The issues the parents raised were my story too.

What I  have discovered is shocking and absolutely unacceptable and has just made me dig even deeper.  Let’s look at it this way, to vaccinate my daughter with something laden with not just an infectious agent but other stuff that is part of the manufacture of the vaccine, like the above mentioned Polysorbate 80, seemed to fly in the face of reason.

What’s in a vaccine anyway, like besides the virus or bacteria?

Then what started to surface is that there are trace amounts of formaldehyde, and in some vaccinations like the flu vaccine, mercury, the 2nd most toxic element in the world; its called Thimerasol.  And this mercury is in concentrations way above that which is allowed in our air and/or foods.  And we are injecting these toxins, by consent, into our children and receiving adult vaccines when they are recommended too, like the annual flu vaccine, which contains mercury???  That means we would be giving or getting doses of mercury every single year.  Mercury is not metabolized in the body, it resides in the tissues.  So, does this seem reasonable to you?  If that wasn’t enough, what about ‘adjuvants’ that are ‘supposed’ to make the vaccine more effective, things like aluminum, also toxic which is in many, many vaccines.  Good grief…it was downright scary what I was uncovering.

(NOTE:  I’ll address these many components of vaccinations in another blog, just suffice it to say that I believe there is a problem with the chemical conglomeration in vaccines.  Remember my post about chemicals and growing brains:  Developmental Toxicity- Chemicals HARM Growing Brains)

A Battery of Vaccinations

I wish there was more time in the day so I could hammer everything down but what I know now has made me angry and frightened.  I am convinced that my daughter’s symptoms are related to the vaccinations she had been receiving and I am on a quest to determine if she received any while a premie in the NICU.  This could be a significant and insightful discovery.

A precious premie...Brian Hall

A precious premie…Brian Hall

You can read our story here (About Us) so I am not going to reiterate it now.  But suffice it to say I feel she already has a fragile health state and what was happening with vaccines  had me asking questions.  I just wasn’t finished doing my homework.  The fact is her head to toe hives outbreak that would NOT clear up really changed my viewpoint.  And her hives although miserable, covering her entire body, was not as bad as the horrific things suffered by so many other children and their parents.  All of this has changed how I use my time.  Now I believe my research may have saved her from a worse health outcome, much worse.

“Choices Make What Our Life Becomes”  BUT 

Informed Choices Are Healthy Choices

I have made my choice now and I hope what I have learned will help you to make your informed choice for your sweet child, too.

My list is growing but from my current research efforts, here are some of the vaccine safety concerns I have uncovered:

    1. There is a Center for Disease Control ‘whistleblower’ who has provided 10,000 documents substantiating what amounts to scientific fraud on a CDC conducted study.  They hid and manipulated data in the early 2000’s that had shown there is a a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
    2. Vaccination shot inserts list alarming serious effects so vaccines are NOT categorically safe as doctors tell us
    3. Vaccines are not “one size fits all” not any more than penicillin, which causes anaphylactic shock in some people, is one antibiotic that fits all
    4. Vaccination schedule has increased dramatically since my kids and I received our vaccines
    5. Vaccines that make no sense are given to a newborn within the first 48 hours of life.  The United States has the highest infant death rate of any industrial nation.  Read this CBSNews article:

6. Countries around the world are suing Merck for the vaccine Gardasil yet here in the United States this vaccination is aggressively promoted for young girls and boys and young people going into college.

This vaccine is responsible for many young ones being disabled or dying. This letter authored by Dr. Sin Hang Lee explains the why behind the serious injuries and deaths.  Oh, and by the way, it has to do with how the aluminum salt is responding in relation to the viral DNA in the Gardasil vaccine:

7. ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” should be called ‘Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome’.  On one vaccine drug insert it actually lists SIDS as one of the potential serious side effects. So, yep, there is a correlation between these infant mortalities that relate straight back to the vaccines that child has received.

Should I vaccinate my child?

How do we determine if a vaccine is safe? Is the current vaccination schedule studied for safety, or are multiple shots given at one time studied for safety?   The answer: NO

Did this list get your attention?  Well, I believed what my pediatrician and general practitioner told me.  But his response to her hives was “well, we don’t know why children break out like this.  Its often impossible to determine” and then prescribing a boat load of antihistimines that were doing nothing to relieve her fever and discomfort.  REALLY?  Well, I started digging and what I found left me dismayed and distrustful of that physician.  One of the components of vaccines is Polysorbate 80 which has the side effect of causing skin eruptions.  REALLY?  Yes, Really! I already knew her immune system is compromised, I deal with it all year long.  I decided I didn’t need a vaccination test to substantiate what I already know.

Do you find these subject areas alarming?  Upcoming blogs will address in detail all of these subject areas.  But something to think of now is what many people are saying…

“My child, My choice”

…regarding whether to vaccinate or not.  Consider this, the vaccination schedule (which I will write about in another blog) has gone from the 4 or 5 that I probably received when I was a kid to, 10 vaccines 30 years ago, to now according to the National Vaccine Information Center, 49 doses of 14 vaccinations by age 6 today.  And what’s crazy is that by 18 years of age there will be 69 doses of 16 vaccines.  But, the fact of the matter is, the federal government of the United States the development of a  National Adult Vaccination Program is in the pike and there will be 136 adult vaccines that could become mandated.


Click on this PDF picture to enlarge it.   I enlarged it up to 200% so it was much easier to read.  This PDF is the property of National Vaccine Information Center, a wonderful resource to educate yourself.

When my generation only received 4 or 5, I feel today’s aggressive vaccination schedule is alarming.  AND think about this, today’s   generation of kids aren’t the healthiest ever, they are the sickest! Allergies, Asthma, Skin conditions like Eczema, Type 1 Diabetes, ADHD, and Autism, and many children that are not developing in a neurotypical way.  So…really? I mean really?  Shouldn’t things be better for our children?  If vaccines were the good health choice they are touted to be shouldn’t our children be thriving.  So many children are not.

There is allot to be said about this and I want to offer you some references and more details in another blog.  But if you want to start some of your own digging go to the National Vaccine Information Center  Their site is rich with information.  I also highly recommend reading article by and watching YouTubes of Dr. Suzanne Humphries.  Her well spoken presentations are without a doubt  some of the best information I have read and listened to on this critically important subject.  Here is one of her articles from her website:

Another resource that will be eye opening is the book authored by Humphries “Dissolving Illusions – Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History”.  Well documented research fills this book with evidence that will help you make an honest assessment of what you now know and what you may have missed.

The CDC, the agency tasked with protecting our health has committed fraud.  REALLY?  Where is your trust level now?

In this post today, let’s just address item one above, fraud at the CDC.  Does that shock you?  READ on!  And then come back, as I will tackle each of the other listed discoveries with supporting documentation, just as I did when I researched the serious side effects of Risperdal  (Risperdal Long Term Side Effects) and the flu vaccine (Serious Flu Shot Side Effects. Should you be concerned for your special needs children?).

The CDC has duped me and you!

I’m guessing that being ‘duped’ doesn’t sit right with you, after all, who likes being deceived, lied to, no one, right?

Should I vaccinate my child?

Official Statement from CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson

Williams further states that he has provided documents to Senator Posey that substantiates his assertions in this statement issued from his legal counsel, protecting him and his rights as a whistleblower.  It is worth your time to listen to this Congressman’s presentation  (five minutes) to the Commission on Government Oversight and Reform.  He called for a hearing and a thorough investigation of this revelation by the whistleblower.

Sadly the investigation he asked for has yet to be accomplished.

Why in the world hasn’t it?  There are so many questions about this?  Parents across the United States are now calling out to have the CDC whistleblower AND the other authors or those who approved of the report, published in the journal Pediatrics, such as Julie Gerberding, then head of the CDC, be called before Congress and under oath be investigated as to their role in the cover-up.  Oh, and by the way, Gerberding subsequently became the Executive Vice-President of the Merck vaccine program following her tenure at the CDC when the coverup occurred (

If you want to see more about this I strongly recommend that you watch the documentary, “VAXXED From Coverup to Catastrophe“.

Film Logo - Distributed by Cinema Libre

Film Logo – Distributed by Cinema Libre

Here are three ways you can get to this film.

  • Attend a screening in your locale
  • Purchase the DVD on their website or
  • Access a streaming version for $3.99 at


Here is a clip from Dr. Brian Hooker, who had been investigating the CDC through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) when William Thompson, the whistleblower,  called him.  This is compelling!

You may find this news piece very interesting.

It gives some background information about Dr. Brian Hooker that I very much appreciated as well as insight into Dr. William Thompson, the whistleblower who has as yet been deposed to Congress and under oath present the facts around the cover-up and destruction of statistical information substantiating the link between autism and the MMR vaccine.

One of thousands upon thousands of stories that are not being heard.   This story from Sheila Ealey is now one that has been heard because of the documentary.

AND…here is a clip, a parent’s story, from the movie with which you may resonate:

On August 22nd, the DVD was made available on Amazon and in less than a week has become the #1 best selling documentary in Amazon.

There is also a wealth of information that is available to you on the official website of this documentary.  You could spend hours using the many links provided there to build your foundation in this subject.  Go check it out:

It is apparent that many parents are making time to see this.  I certainly hope that you will too!  This story is one you do not want to miss.  You can access it right here, right now, especially if you have children or are expecting to grow your family.  This is truly one of those “owe it to yourself” things to do.

I sincerely hope you will make time to watch this important documentary.  It addresses just the one aspect of the vaccine story, that of the MMR vaccine and how the CDC covered up and manipulated data.  It is the story of the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  It is not anti-vaccine.  Nevertheless, the stories that are surfacing because of the dialogue now surrounding this documentary are so sad, stories of vaccine injured children and more horrific, vaccine related deaths.

A WEALTH of Information IS Available but, for the most part, it is not in mainstream media.

While the media is not providing information on this story that has not stopped people from coming to see the documentary.  In the following clip there are several doctors and nurses who share their feelings after watching VAXXED.  You should hear what they have said, some of them outraged, some of them hurt that their former recommendations were based on a lie that is causing so much harm.

ATL PREMIER from Francesca Alesse on Vimeo.

The presentation of the shocking facts regarding the CDC coverup you may find unsettling,  but I assure you there is a wealth of information to drill down on as related to this story and the other myriad of vaccines too.  If you are entirely for vaccinations, the film may not change your mind, but I am convinced it will cause you to go and do a lot more digging, your own intelligent analysis of this important subject.

Now we have opened up a host of new discussions and new blog posts here in Special Needs Advocate Power.  Power is an important quality, that when used responsibly and honorably will be used for good.  I want you and I’s personal power to enhance the lives of our loved ones. I sincerely hope today’s post and those that will follow will indeed empower you to make your lives the best they can be!

Leave me your comments here or contact me if you have specific questions.

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DISCLAIMER:  Please keep in mind, I am not a doctor and so I am not prescribing anything.  This is information based on my research and has helped me to form my own opinion on this subject.  

When doctors that I respect are not in agreement with the medical machine it makes me want to dig for why.  I hope you find this helpful.   By all means, do not consider this information to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified health care provider.

4 Responses to “Should I Vaccinate My Child – Or NOT?

  • I, for one, do not think it is a good idea to vaccinate your children. The government cannot be trusted when it comes to putting chemicals inside our kids’ bodies. Many times they are planting a seed for something far worse to happen later on in life. A lot of what we need as far as vaccination comes in the form of healthy food, enough sleep, and an overall healthy lifestyle. Haha so definitely don’t do it.

    • Linda

      Hello Will,

      You are so right and from my research I feel the same way. Each of us, with a little bit of homework on vaccination safety can unearth a plethora of information about negative end results, some catastrophic results, on our children’s health.

      Sounds like you have done your homework. Yes, ensuring the immune system is healthy by eating healthy, clean foods, (non-GMO) getting enough sleep, and creating a healthy lifestyle that includes keeping active, exercising is the key to healing if one does come down with an infection. In fact I speak to this very thing in another blog I wrote:

      I am so glad you feel strongly enough about this to say…”definitely don’t do it”. Until the contamination issues, the mercury, aluminum, preservatives, fetal cells, bovine serum (blood), and other unhealthy components are taken out of vaccines, I cannot responsibly, even morally condone a vaccine for my children.

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing your opinion with us.


  • This is a major issue in our society today. When you are a parent, your job is to make sure your children are safe.

    Over the years we all have come to the realization that everything is being tampered with. Even our food and medicine. We are supposed to just take their word for it but its hard to do that. It has been proven that some medicines cause more damage to your body than not taking it. Most of all the vaccines have a side affect and sometimes it takes years for it to get exposed.

    Personally I don’t like the idea of us not being able to turn down vaccines. It is mandatory for your children to go to school these days.

    This is a topic that deserves a debate with government officials.

    • Linda

      Hello Garrick,

      You have a great sense of growing knowledge around vaccine safety and that you identify this as a major issue in our society only scratches the surface on how significantly pervasive this issue is, this worldwide issue.

      Yes the pharmaceutical industry AND sadly the medical community, especially pediatricians want us to just take their word for it, but that is truly the point of my blog, is that we shouldn’t and we should be asking this very critical question and then going and doing our own research, our own digging for the truth of this important health choice for our kids.

      I love that you see this as being part of our job as parents, to ensure our kids are safe. With so, so many stories of parents whose children regressed in to autism after vaccinations or worse, became paralyzed, or worse even have died from a vaccine reaction, to say this is important seems to me to be saying it far too lightly. And you are right in some places like California, you cannot send your kids to a public OR private school if they are not fully vaccinated according to the CDC vaccination schedule. What is happening is horrific. And often times what happens in California will spread from state to state.

      So, yes this does deserve attention but I don’t think it should be debated. I believe with all of my heart that it is your child and should be your choice. You know your family better than any single doctor out there, so choose to do the homework behind vaccines. READ the vaccine inserts, often very long and filled with medical lingo, but read it for serious side effects and reactions, read it for what it is made from, what the components are, if there are preservatives in it, (like the Polysorbate 80), read it for adjuvants like aluminum and once you have done even that homework alone you may end up being like me…NO. No way my child will be injected with these terrible chemicals at such a young and tender age. NO, I choose and my choice, no more vaccines for my little one because of the apparent sensitivity she has already demonstrated. I will not see her have a cumulative affect from say the mercury in flu shots and regress further and further into autism or become paralyzed by Guillain-Barre syndrome. The risk is NOT worth it.

      Thank you very much, Garrick, for coming by and leaving your comment.


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