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Light on the Horizon and that Silver Lining You've Got This

Light on the Horizon and that Silver Lining
You’ve Got This

It is a privilege to write and compose information for my readers and visitors.  One of the things that any single parent knows and certainly any parent of a ‘special needs’ child, adolescent, or young adult is this:

Life is full of challenges and life takes time!  

When you take time for the important things in life, like fixing a good meal filled with nourishment, or attending school, or creating memories with your loved ones, time can get used up.   So, for me from time to time I am frustrated that a post I wanted to get composed still hasn’t been published.  It is my intention to continue and to keep at this so that you have what you need.

More and More

I have numerous posts and some more pages that I want to become a part of this site and the support this site is intended to provide.  I hope that you will come back now and again to see what is new because I keep writing and reaching out.   I am going to put up a chart of posts that I have in various stages of research and composition.  For now, so that I can get the word out, I am going to list them and in time I will arrange them in a chart.

Good Words - Awesome Introspection

Good Words – Awesome Introspection

Here is an idea of what future projects are in the works.

  1. Wandering and Elopement – A dangerous ‘special need’ of our special people
  2. How Does Dysgraphia Affect Learning and Comprehension
  3. What’s the Scoop on Dyslexia?
  4. ADD and ADHD and the Modern Classroom
  5. Chromosome ‘Deletions’ Happen
  6. Water Purification – What’s Good, What’s Better
  7. GMO Foods – The Science is NOT Out, It’s In and It’s Ugly
  8. Buying Local – WHY?
  9. Review of organizations and ones that are doing good work
  10. Review of tools for improving social interactions
  11. Therapists – Who They Are and Why They are Important
  12. Games and Toys to Help Improve Critical Grasp Strength
  13. Expressive and Receptive – Language Abilities that Open Doors to the Mind

It’s All Good and There’s More to Come

As I get things published I will move them into another chart that can help you perhaps more easily find what you may be looking for.  User-friendly is my goal, and keeping after how things are organized will be enhanced as we go.

This is truly just the beginning of many more contributions.  One thing that I want very much to accomplish is to get each of the listed special needs categories and conditions composed.  This site is not intended to be about just one condition or resources for the one condition.  Much of what I am publishing can be used effectively by anyone and any family.  Some good examples of this are the posts on water purity and nutrition, macro, and micro-nutrients.  Or the one addressing the importance of a healthy bowel.

This is the right page in my site to let me know if you have something in particular that you’d like me to write about.  Is there something on which you’d like me to do some research?  One of my biggest projects right now is to gather information about the relatively rare chromosome disorder that we have discovered is part of my granddaughter’s disability.

In time I will have a guest blogger here and there and that is going to expand the knowledge base for this information that I hope you will see as a treasure trove.

Time to Relax - Take a Deep Breathe - we'll Talk Soon

Time to Relax – Take a Deep Breathe – we’ll Talk Soon

You may have something very important that maybe I can help with.

Please comment here and let me know how I can help.

Drop Us a Comment! Let me Know What You'd Like to See Published

Drop Us a Comment!
Let me Know What You’d Like to See Published



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