Special Needs Blogs – Our Families in 2015 and Beyond

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Special Needs Blogs

When done correctly, Special Needs Blogs serve a purpose in the family of special needs children.

When I first embarked on the creation of this website, one of many ‘special needs’ blogs, my intention then was to provide a way to support families.  I was in a huge learning curve with my granddaughter and her needs, all undiagnosed when I first started caring for her after her mother died.  And because time is precious and our families could use some support, then ‘good grief Charlie Brown’ it seemed pretty natural to write about my learning curve in order to try and shorten that learning curve for others.

No surprise that each family has its own personality, and special needs families might be blessed with a wee bit more.  After all, we have idiosyncrasies and strengths, challenges, and qualities that make us who we are.  And my job has been to reach out to families and in whatever way I can to touch your life with something that empowers you and maybe from time to time even encourages you.  Have I accomplished this during the past year?  I hope so!

Precious and Precocious…that’s our children

Our families are precious and saying they are important to us is, well, the word ‘important’ just doesn’t convey the profound nature of how important our family and its members really, really are.  Our children are born and our hearts rejoice to have this dear child come into our lives.  They are imbued with the capacity to do and to be their own precious person, one that is and will be cherished by the family as a whole.

Special Needs Blogs

Play and creating memories with one another ensures love can grow.  What more could we ask?

When we learned our child has a disability, it did not render the profound feelings of joy as less important, as though their disability rendered them as less.  No, our hearts were still filled with so much love!  Maybe fear, and no doubt sadness, and maybe even anger.  Why, why in the world has my son or daughter been born with so much to deal with in life?  Was this part of the questions that ran through your heart and mind?  Yet, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what their diagnosis is because, as you and I know, we are going to love them as much as we possibly can, and ensure they have exactly what they need to become all they are capable of becoming, to be fully realized people, to be content, to find satisfaction and to be safe.

Questions, so many questions!

  • Is this how you felt?
  • Once the fear and anger subsided, did you not feel that nothing was going to hamper your determination to successfully support your precious person in any and all ways that you possibly could?
  • Did you feel a bit inadequate at first, not knowing enough about the diagnosis and the unknown of how that diagnosis would play out in your child’s life?
  • Were you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of learning how to communicate with them, or perhaps to ensure they were receiving the nutrition they needed for good health?
  • Did you find yourself gingerly struggling with feeding tubes and medications?
  • Was setting up schedules for the many pressing needs, from meds to therapists and doctor appointments leaving your life in a bit of disarray?

We Keep ON Keeping ON

No matter what, though, we were going to persevere in finding the resources they need and in getting our own schedules adjusted so we could succeed in caring for our precious little one.  We are not fools, nor are we naïve.  We know it wasn’t their fault to be facing life with their life challenges because they were born with a chromosome disorder, or microcephaly, or a brain disorder that scrambles how their body functions as in cerebral palsy.  It is that very understanding that stands us up each morning with the pure intent to be the best we can be for them.

Is this how you feel too? We agree then its pretty profound to put it in this perspective.

Is this how you feel too?  We agree then, it’s pretty profound to put it in this perspective.

With My Whole Heart…

With my whole heart during this past year I have tried to be there in ways that can make a difference in your life.  As this year comes to a close I want to extend an apology for the times I haven’t been able to consistently offer supportive posts with insightful and encouraging subjects.  In my world two close family members were beset with consuming health challenges that required doing the right thing, to be there for them.  And so there have been a couple of spells (March/April and June/July) during 2015 I was with them and not here writing.

What hurdles have you had to weather this year?  Have any of the subjects I addressed helped?  Please do let me know.  Give me a heads up as it will help me focus my writing energy for the coming year.

Some of the Subjects We Have Addressed

Some of the foundationally important subjects we looked at this past year included:

Special Needs Blogs

A carousel and smiles that we hope will last the many miles of our journey.

  1. Risperdal, the drug’s side effects…not good
  2. Water quality
  3. Structured water
  4. Micro and Macro nutrition
  5. Critical importance of good bowel health
  6. ABA-Applied Behavior Analysis
  7. Bullying of special needs children; even school administrators can be guilty
  8. Preventing drowning in autistic children
  9. Wandering and elopement of special needs children
  10. Sleep disorders and sleep’s importance
  11. Learning disabilities
    a. Dyslexia
    b. Dysgraphia
    c. Dyscalculia
    d. Dyspraxia
    e. ADHD
  12. Famous autistic people
  13. The value of good values
  14. Manners and their importance to our children
  15. Serious Flu Shot Side Effects
  16. Fire emergency procedures and…
  17. Fire safety for special needs children
  18. Smoke escape ‘Xcaper’ mask, critically important to accomplish safe evacuation in a fire
  19. Potassium bromate in bread…not a good addition
  20. Therapists and their value in your life
    a. Speech/Language Pathologists
    b. Physical/physio therapists
    c. Occupational therapists
  21. Expressive and Receptive language differences

The fact of the matter is that families with children who are developing normally have more than enough to keep them busy and bogged down mentally and emotionally, right?  And I have to say, that life can be an even bigger roller coaster for families with special needs kiddos.  But, it’s true that oh so much more can and does bring us joy!

Nothing is Impossible!

Special Needs Blogs

Address life like this, help our children to adopt this thinking and together we will succeed!

Just think of the many times you have rejoiced when your son or daughter has accomplished something they have worked on and worked on, maybe for months and months and then the skill or mental recognition clicks, gets locked in, laid down in the wiring of their brains and they are off and running with a skill they have made their own.  Two of my celebratory moments have been when my little one finally started to recognize colors; that pink was not purple and green was green, and blue was blue.  Even after she started to recognize a color we had to work for months to help her anchor that color in her recognition.  It is wonderful to see how she has taken to colors, her favorite now is pink; she is definitely a pink little girl!

The second thing that made my heart sing was to have her learn to walk.  When she was 17 months old, and I began taking on the role of mom for her, (see our story) she was not even sitting up by herself, let alone walking.  It was not clear then what she would be able to learn and do.  So we locked in weekly physical therapy sessions and after 11 months of intense effort with the therapist and on my own, she began to take her first tenuous steps.  Talk about a heart filled with joy!

A Year Well Lived…Now That’s Something to Celebrate

As 2015 runs right on by I hope you will start 2016 with a smile!

As 2015 runs right on by … I hope you will start 2016 with a smile!

So today I would like to celebrate with you another year well lived!  I hope it has been one where you have been able to see progress for you and your loved one and that your family has been able to solidify the love you have for one another.  When so much is going on it can tax the fiber that holds us together.  No doubt about it, there is allot of stress related to raising a special needs child.  No wonder having someone come in for a spell to give you some respite from your daily routine can be so important to YOUR mental health and overall well-being.

As we embark on a new year, I hope that I can and will become part of your world, that I can support you as you seek to effectively care for your ‘special’ person, no matter what their age.  And that something I do or say can help to empower you in your daily efforts to care well for your special needs person, and to love them.  I yet have much I want to write about and share with you and I hope you will let me know what will hold the most value for you.

May your heart be filled with satisfaction and joy and remember this…

“Make a memory with your children, spend time to show your care, toys and trinkets can’t replace those precious moments that you share.”  Elaine Hardt

Be sure to leave me your comments below or contact me here.

With affection I am sincerely yours,

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