Therapy and Therapists – Support that is priceless

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So much can and has been accomplished with the therapy that was strongly recommended by my little ones’s physicians.  We had three primary disciplines that started engaging with us in our home within a month of her mother’s untimely and unexpected death.  She was not able to sit up on her own even though she was 17 months old.  We had a long, long road to get over.  And get over it, under, and around it we mostly certainly did.

Here is a brief summary of what was first accomplished.  For details regarding each discipline drop the menu down and check for that discipline’s additional information.  I will be composing these as we go along.  The first one I am addressing is the SLP, Speech Language Pathologist.

Our Experiences With:

Speech Language Pathologist

When I first started to care for my granddaughter at 17 months old, not only was I worried about the many physical things that seemed to be wrong, but I could not see in her eyes a spark of understanding that comes with communication.  She should have been using simple sentences but did not have any words at all that were being applied accurately, just sounds.  although she said “mama”  and “dada” I did not feel that she was connecting those sounds she was making to her parents.    There was no spark of recognition in her eyes.

That spark is also called cognition and that was of great concern to me because there should have been much more cognitive connection to her world.  She did begin to improve, but interestingly the first therapy to be offered was physical therapy.  This tender hearted woman intuitively worked with Shiloh, even as I was, sensing what she needed and directing her.  I will discuss more about this when I write the blog for physical therapy.  The reason I bring it up now is because of what she told me.  She said that I was going to be surprised how much my little one’s capacity for language would change once she started walking.   And she was right on target about that.

Even still, engaging speech therapy did not happen until I was able to qualify us for support from the state’s department of developmental disabilities.  It was at that juncture that I was able to firmly advocate that we needed to have a speech therapist working with my little one.

One of the things that stands out in my early experiences with the first speech therapist was the recommendation that since my baby girl loved music and would imitate songs then I should sing to her as singing mimics speech and would help her begin to get the rhythm of talking.  So sing I did, often, from rising in the morning with her good morning song to playful interactions throughout the day.  We would sing our way through eating or preparing to go out for a meeting or doctor appointment, most anything.

Gradually, she was beginning to pick up words.  I remember her very first word where it was clear it wasn’t just a sound she was imitating but she was making the connection.  Flower!  Said oh so sweetly.

Physical Therapy

[a blog to be composed on this subject soon]

Occupational Therapy

[a blog to be composed on this subject following the physical therapy subject]


You will be so very glad you take the time to engage and bring into your home the professionals who can help you.  I firmly believe that the wonderful progress my little one has experienced has been because I made time for her therapy.