Why Make Your Own Structured Water – This Is Going to Surprise You!

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If you are interested in the health of your family and even more so your special needs person you are interested in the answer to why make your own structured water.  Wait a minute!  Has something changed regarding our understanding of water?  I believe the answer is YES! There is new science regarding the phases of water.  It’s not just solid, liquid, and gas.  Grasping that there is a fourth phase, one that more closely mirrors our intracellular water could mean improved health for our loved ones.  It could mean that nutrients are better taken into every cell of the body and waste products are more effectively removed.  And THIS is the answer to why make your own structured water!

Water droplets from the Pollack Laboratory, and no this video clip is not just demonstrating surface tension.  There is allot of science behind all of this and there won’t be time or space to cover it all in my blog.

Water Droplets from Pollack Laboratory on Vimeo.

Intracellular water is only one, albeit very important, function of structured water.  Water in relation to a water-loving, or hydrophilic material is demonstrating properties, not fully understood up until now.  Think about clouds.  Think about jello. Think about water droplets existing on the surface of water or the ‘Jesus Christ Lizard’ that walks on water.

COOL!  Very Exciting New Science

Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington in Seattle has been closely studying this subject for some time. He has been called the preeminent scientist in this field, but to his credit he recognizes that others in places like Kyyoto University in Japan, a researcher in Germany, and so many others are looking to understand this revelation.  Here is an international compendium of research being conducted on different aspects of this new understanding,   http://worldwidescience.org/topicpages/m/molecular+water+accumulation.html#.  Even still he noted that Sir Thomas Hardy as far back as 1912 had suggested there is a 4th phase, a liquid crystalline phase of water.

The below You Tube is a good quality presentation that Dr. Pollack gave at the University where his research has been and continues to be conducted.  If you can, I would watch the first 13 minutes and 35 seconds.  He shows some of his original laboratory results. VERY interesting!  and when you can I’d come and watch the rest of this. It’s pretty cool!

I recommend getting the book Gerald Pollack, Ph.D. has published on the research he and his team’s research.  His book, can

Gerald Pollack's Book that with whimsical illustrations makes this sciene easy to understand.

Gerald Pollack’s book that with whimsical illustrations makes this sciene easy to understand.

be found in my library, too.   And I recommend when you can that you watch the above 58 minute You Tube.  You’ll have to put on your science hat again, but Pollack keeps it understandable for those of us who aren’t so much ‘science’ oriented nowadays.

This is such a fascinating and sometimes controversial subject.  But you can drill down to better understand the concepts behind this major discovery of Gerald Pollack, PH.D.   I have included 3 other video presentations in my Library Page under Videos.  The one I especially like is his presentation to a Tedx audience.  In it he talks about some experiments they are doing to use this water charateristic to remove salt from water, creating another source of clean, life supporting water.   Understanding that water structures itself is going to open up a host of possibilities involving the fields of chemical and biological science, radiant energy, food, weather, filtration, desalination and yes, even electricity generation.  We are a water planet and water apparently is pretty powerful, not pretty common or insignificant.

You Want Science Proof?  More and More Its Surfacing.

Here are a couple other science-based references:

You may want to read this summary  of an NIH (National Institute of Health) study about structured water.

  • And here is a study that states they have succeeded in capturing structured water on film, something that had not yet apparently been accomplished.   http://www.i-sis.org.uk/StructuredWater.php
    • One eye-catching statement in this paper says “What this means is that the individual water molecules are sufficiently ordered (structured) and restricted in motion to be captured on film.
    • This structured water is a cylindrical lattice-work some ten layers of molecules across for a 4 nm diameter nanotube.”
  • In a study of the brain and muscles, researchers came to the conclusion that “these differences cannot be explained by paramagnetic ions or by magnetic inhomogeneities, which leaves increased organization of tissue water as the only tenable hypothesis.”

Yes, this article is deeply anchored in scientific analysis and terminology, but I got the point.  They are studying the “organization of tissue water” which means there is something going on, don’t you agree.

Will You Get It…You Will…Just Keep Your Mind Open

This science is relatively new, and because of this there are some who are discrediting and casting doubt on it.  Look, there is allot to study and understand.  I’m interested, so I have been looking closely at this, digging into the research. Will you?  Will you keep your eyes and mind open to the possibility.  But here is how I see this.  If you are struggling with the health issues of your ‘special’ person, or if you or a family member just have something that is a health challenge, then if ‘structured water’ has the potential to contribute to their welfare in ways that only their body will in time quantify, we should be sure to establish our understanding in this subject.  For goodness sakes, isn’t it worth the time and effort to explore the possibilities.

An artist's rendition of the ancient perception of a flat earth.

Artist’s rendering of ancient perception of a flat earth.



Keep in mind that many science principles were not well received when first presented to the science communities in days past. Perhaps the most absurd was the information that our planet was flat when in fact its a globe?  That little ‘tidbit’ had been discredited by fellow scientists for a very long time.   Laughable now, don’t you think?




Well, this new water science could be a critically important contribution to all science disciplines.  Why not look into it further?  I’m beginning to see that it’s not laughable.  And I’m guessing you agree that to discredit what you may not yet fully understand just is not good science or good practice.

This is why I am recommending you consider purchasing a water filtration system that introduces the characteristic of fresh spring water into your diet.  I’ve been doing my homework.  The product I have found I want to share with you.

Click here to read my review of the Aqualiv Water System.

Many of you already know that there is a water crisis in many parts of the world.  Even though you might think water is ubiquitous, ever present, there is no question that water quality is compromised.  And water availability?  Well, the sad fact is that we are facing a water crisis from the entrenched droughts in many places worldwide, even places like southern California here in the United States.  Sadly, it comes as no surprise that many places around the globe don’t have good clean water resources.  We all know water is essential to life.  That being said I expect you may have some elevated concerns about your own water too.

This is the best reason you and I have for making our own structured water.

Water's movement and infrared light contribute to the fourth phase, being structured.

Water’s movement and infrared light contribute to the fourth phase, being structured.

What you ask is structured water?

Simply stated it is water that has gone into a phase that causes it to have an organized structure, hexagonal in shape.  Because it is configured differently, it becomes a powerful medium for carrying nutrients in our bodies and in interfacing with the chemical reactions at the cellular level, then reversing the process by removing contaminants and waste products.

It is water that because of its structure resembles crystal in a liquid form.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Movement in water, like the formation of a vortex, is increasing the structiure.

Movement in water, like the formation of a vortex improves water structure.

Water movenment ... this appears to be a key ingredient facilitating water's structure.

Water movenment … this appears to be a key ingredient facilitating water’s structure.Please do take a look at what I think is worth your money and time.


This is structured water at the tap and worth what you invest to get it!

So, yes, how water acts in relation to a water-loving (hydrophilic) media apparently has afforded a new understanding about water.  It involves another state or composition of water.  Water has a fourth phase and that phase is beginning to make it possible to understand water’s remarkable function in our bodies as well as answer the scientific query about how clouds form and so much more.

Water-20-450x300 vortex bottle Water-55-387x300

So then…this opens up a plethora of questions, doesn’t it?  I am excited about how it may make a difference in the field of medical science.  The scientific research into these questions will be expensive and a crowd fund has been set up to access the necessary resources, too.  Time will tell if it makes a difference.  One area of medicine and health  I would be delighted to learn more about is if structured water can help to correct underlying digestive problems.  Even with probiotics and a higher fiber diet my little one doesn’t ‘go’ like she should be.   Excellent hydration could be the key to improving the health of my little girl, maybe in remarkable ways.   It’s water.

One thing I feel confident about today is this.  The research is sufficiently compelling.  

I don’t need to wait, indeed I haven’t.

Check out my review and decision to include the Aqualiv Water System in my home.

Drop Us a Comment! Or Share Your Story. We Will All Benefit From Your Generosity.

Drop Us a Comment! Or Share Your Story. We Will All Benefit From Your Generosity.

4 Responses to “Why Make Your Own Structured Water – This Is Going to Surprise You!

  • Hey Linda

    This is an awesome article.

    I for one had never heard of this theory about structured water, but with an understanding of crystals and the way their structure helps promote health it makes sense and if true could be revolutionary in the way we use our water supplies.

    I’d always been of the understanding that water is a finite resource…you can’t make it…that he water today is the same water that’s always been..its just in constant cycle of evaporation, condensation and then water…over and over again…is that right?

    Great post and I’ll definitely be checking back regularly for updates.


    • Linda

      Hey there, Jason,

      Thanks ever so much for dropping in. This is what I consider to be ‘new science’ in the field of water. It certainly fascinates me and so I have been digging around for more information and finding it. I watched a Tedx presentation of a passionate woman in the water industry whose company is exploring this new understanding in order to design a salt water separation unit that could increase the availability of fresh water. She said, “stay tuned” because, I surmise, everything is so new and there is much to yet be learned and in time implemented.

      I certainly agree with you that understanding the structure of a crystal can lend more credence to what is being explored with regard to water. It’s amazing to think about, really, how far reaching an impact this could have on life for our planet home.

      Here are some interesting facts about water availability. Of the total available water on our planet, 97.5% is salt water while only 2.5% is freshwater. Now, here is where it gets interesting; 99% of this freshwater is locked up in glaciers and icebergs, or somewhere underground and untapped. So, we can conclude that for seven billion humans and the myriad of other life forms needing freshwater, there is only 1% available. This then is the dilemma. Here we are on our water planet being largely composed of water ourselves, and, yes, you are right, we can’t make water, but what is in circulation in the water cycle is an infinitesimally small amount for our needs. So, yes, you are absolutely correct about the constant cycle water is in, it’s just that a crazy ridiculous amount of freshwater is currently accessible within this cycle. And for goodness sakes, allot of it has and is being compromised.

      Therein my recommendation to take control of your water by getting a system that will clean it up and return it to as close to a natural spring water condition as we can reasonably accomplish.

      In researching my options for taking control of my water I found Aqualiv. They have a thorough presentation about their water system, the filters, and the lab results. I was very comfortable with their filtration technology. Feeling constantly drained and doing everything else I was doing left me in a quandary. I’ve only been using the water for about a month now and I’m beginning to see some changes and that is pretty good for me to feel that I made a good decision to go with the water filtration system by Aqualiv. When you get a chance I hope you will drop into that post and check out what more I have shared. http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/aqualiv-water-system-review

      Or this post that has a number of good references to understand the gravity of the situation regarding water quality. http://specialneedsadvocatepower.com/why-is-water-important-for-health-clean-water-harder-to-come-by-than-you-realize

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article and to leave a comment. I hope you will sometime check back again. In the meantime, be well, and let me know if any other questions or concerns come up.


  • Hi Linda,

    I had never heard of structured water before – yes it is pretty fascinating. Then again, I am pretty open to alternative theories, it may be some time before the mainstream see the benefit in some of this research, but the world seems to be moving in that direction.

    It reminds me of an experiment done by Masaru Emoto, where he observed the effect that human emotion has on water. Some people think it’s a lot of baloney, others believe it. A bit off topic, but interesting nonetheless.

    Thanks for your insight into this topic!

    All the best,

    • Linda

      Hello Sean,

      Glad you found this post and that you found it not just interesting but fascinating. I agree with you, that it could take some time before the mainstream sees the benefits. There is a growing body of research though so it will keep moving that direction. I am already convinced which is why I purchased the Aqualiv system for my house.

      Very cool that you know about the experiment by Masaru Emoto. I have read some about him. It seems to marry up in some respects to singing or playing music for our plants. There is vibration in music and song so I could see it affecting plants and who knows about water. I didn’t dig down enough on that aspect to even begin to comment about Emoto’s work. It is interesting, I agree.

      Thanks for dropping in to check out this information. I hope it has brought something of value into your life!


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